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Often, only fragments of exotic silks remain through time. CMC Collection has rescued some of these beautiful unique fabrics and created one-of-a-kind pillows for use in home or office. We also offer unique art form fabrics made into pillows and cushions for modern home or office décor. The pillows are all unique, with individually selected trims and backing, filled with down and feathers and richly padded for a luxurious feel.

Many of the pillows are made in suites, with pillows of the same or similar fabrics which coordinate with each other while remaining unique. They use different segments of design from the same pieces, different trims or backing and different shapes and sizes to achieve a homogeneous yet individual look. They can be used in virtually any décor from contemporary to traditional, mid-century modern to formal.

We also create highest quality custom designs for any décor. All pillows are created and hand finished in our U.S. work room.

Quality construction

All our pillows are made to preserve your investment in the silk fabrics, especially vintage or antique pieces that will never be produced again. The face fabric is stabilized with a tight lining that seals the back of the fabric and keeps the shape intact during use.

Old patterned silks are usually fully brocaded, which leaves long silk thread stretching from color occurrence to color occurrence across the wrong side of the fabric. These threads cannot be cut without compromising the weave and stability of the fabric and must be sealed inside the padded pieces. The pillows are all constructed with lining fabrics which completely cover the inside of the face fabric to protect the brocaded threads and for easy removal or replacement of the down/feather pillow form without snagging the brocaded threads.

Custom orders

We have a large selection of all fabric types which can be made to order for clients with specific style or color needs. Please contact us to receive pictures of available fabrics and styles.

Currently, our pillow offerings include: